Punkake Rock Band

Punkake Rock Band

Bacabí | Vocals

Ingrid Richter | Bass

Lívia Calil | Guitar

Carol Steiner | Drums

Some people say that the band looks like a modern riot girl band (famous musical movement in the 90’s), this comparison happens all the time, because there are only women playing in the band, and the members also uses lots of effects and distortions, just like those riot girls bands used to play. Each member is influenced by different musical styles, which makes Punkake an exclusive rock band. Although being composed only by women, the band rejects the title of “female rock”. About that, the members explain that they’re a rock band and this fact is more important than the gender of the musicians.

The member don’t like being limited by a definition, but if the girls could choose something that describes the band, they would use the words of Tiago Bolzan (producer and journalist in São Paulo, Brazil): “If in a parallel universe, Beth Ditto (Gossip’s vocalist) had a daughter with the singer Adele, this girl would be Bacabí. Singing with three other instrumentists full of style, the band surprises with abrasive guitars and danceable beats”.

Since the end of 2005, the year when the band was born, Punkake made the traditional walk that all bands did in their beginning:  they played a lot and in many different stages and pubs, so they could get a known name. Then they recorded and released the debut album “Tão Sexy”, in 2009. The music video of the single “Tão Sexy” was released on MTV channel in 2010, and soon it became the most voted video of the week in this channel.


In September 2002 the band starts a new phase with the releaseing of the music video “Meow” on MTV. This release was broadcasted with a live interview to all brazilian televiewers. “Meow” showed a much more mature band. This song was produced by Ruth Varella, musician and music producer that lives in Chicago/USA with the help of Norbert Weiher (Futuresonic’s music engineer). “Meow” was mixed at Gimme That Sound Studios in New York by Stephen George (ex-drummer of the Ministry band; produced and worked with great artists like Michael Jackson, R. Kelly and Britney Spears). “Meow” was mastered at Sterling Sound studios, in New York/USA by Chris Gehringer (responsible of mastering the top Lady Gaga’s singles).

During all those years the band had the opportunity to share the stge with great artists like The Donnas and Puddle Of Mudd.

In 2015 they recorded their new album with the great producer and guitarist, Roy Z (Bruce Dinckison, Judas Priest, Halford, Sepultura). The new songs are now being mixed, so they can be released soon.

Nowadays, the band is on tour, making many gigs in Brazil.